Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Intro to Photo

My name is Yinong Ding. I’m a senior majoring in Economics and Applied Math & Statistics. This semester I am taking a course called Introduction to Digital Photography. I have enjoyed this class a lot so far, partly because I have been interested in photography for a long time, and partly because Professor Eric Carroll teaches us so many cool things about how make photos better.

For the portraits assignment, our first big one, we were required to take pictures of various people, including strangers. The final assignment was to submit four portraits of different individuals—two environmental and two neutral.

When I started to plan this project, I felt that taking pictures of people in sports would be really cool. I decided that Cole Callahan, a friend who is a football player, would be a great subject. He agreed, so we quickly set up a time to meet at the Leonard Center. The photography process took about an hour. Cole was playing basketball, so I tried to capture moments I thought would be visually interesting. Cole was a very cooperative model who would not only agree to whatever weird requests I made, but also tried to think of funny poses himself. 

The photography class has been very fun and I enjoyed working with my friends on this assignment. I consider the black & white photo my best so far. I hope that you like it too.