Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Letter from Mac’s Summer 2014 Global Ambassador

Greetings! My name is June, and I just graduated from Macalester in May. 

I am the coordinator for the Global Ambassador Program this summer. I’m grateful and honored to be part of this amazing program to get to know prospective students from around the world.

I know it isn’t always easy to build a strong sense of connection to Macalester when you are thousands of kilometers away. Cultural differences, geographic distance, and language barriers: these are some of the challenges you might face when you think about applying to Macalester from Beijing, Dakar, or Barcelona. 

But don’t worry about any of these matters if you’re considering Macalester College. We welcome students from across the world, enrolling 2,000 students on a campus located in a quiet residential neighborhood of St. Paul, Minnesota. This small yet cosmopolitan community has been actively engaging with prospective international students for many years and we’re used to helping them feel excited about coming to Macalester. 

This is especially true since the Global Ambassador Program was launched in 2012. Since then we’ve become more intentional about building a global network among Macalester students, faculty, and alumni. The primary goal of the network is to connect prospective international students to both current students from their home countries and current Mac students studying outside the U.S. I am the main facilitator charged with helping you find Mac students in your home country. 

You can also check out our interactive map, which will show you all the Mac students currently living outside the U.S. I will be sure to update the information whenever I learn about new students entering Macalester from different parts of the world or I hear exciting stories from Mac students studying or interning abroad. You will soon realize that Macalester connections aren’t that far away from you after all. 

You will gain a much better sense of Macalester College by talking and interacting with other students. Listen to what current students or alumni have to say about their time at Macalester. Ask about their favorite classes, professors, extracurricular activities, and weekend pastimes. Start by emailing me at with your questions, concerns, and excitement about Macalester. I am here to help you build your Macalester network and find the Mac students who share your background and interests. 

One last thing: Have fun learning about Macalester! Perhaps you’re stressed about choosing which colleges to apply to. Perhaps you’re worried about transitioning from home to an unfamiliar place. Trust me, as a recent graduate of Mac I know exactly how you feel: I’m struggling to picture my adult life after college. But I also realize that transitioning is an inevitable part of life, so you might as well enjoy it. Embrace the unfamiliarity and be excited for all the potential in your future. 

I am here for you and happy to provide a source of motivation, inspiration, and support. 

Good luck,

June Ban ’14