Sunday, August 31, 2014

Some favorite places...

Hey new students! Some Mac students and a recent alumnus share their favorite places...

To grab a snack:

I am in love with Tea Garden (technically not a snack, but still an amazing place). The staff are super-friendly and willing to advise you on different flavors. My go-to choice for brisk fall days is loose leaf black orchid with milk and almond. - Angela

I'm all about the Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwiches) on University Avenue! - Abbie

Dunn Bros - a huge cup of coffee and an apple fritter is my go to energy boost before a late afternoon class. - Lucy K

Tea Garden!- Ben

For a snack and coffee I usually go to Caribou on Snelling. It is quiet and warm in there, so during the winter I love sitting by a window when it's snowing with a cup of hot chocolate :) - Sara

Breadsmith. It's right across from campus, and they have amazing scones and muffins which are really cheap too. - Joe

To relax (when not in class):

4th Floor Old Main - Abbie

Whole Foods - I find grocery shopping super soothing, and you can't beat the free samples! - Lucy

Surprisingly, I find Cafe Mac very relaxing sometimes. It is a nice way to hang out
with friends and forget homework for a little while. - Ben

The Children's Reading Room, on the second floor of the library, is a great place to relax. Their beanbag chairs are incredibly comfortable and great for a quick power nap. - Joe

Since I don't have much time (like most Macalester students) to go somewhere just to relax, I wanted to find a place where I can be relaxed while doing work. Cahoots is a coffee shop on Snelling and Selby. When I go there I try to work on something that I like, instead of something boring, with a cup of coffee. Sometimes I just sit there and watch a movie or read a book. - Sara

The library has some surprisingly cozy areas where I can curl up and do my
reading for the week. The basement bean bags, the children's reading
room on the second floor, and the window seats spread throughout the
building are good study and nap locations. - Angela

Children's Reading Room on second floor Library - Nora

To go off-campus:

Minnehaha Falls - Abbie

The Midtown Global Market is always fun and always different. The tamale stand is my personal favorite but they also host really unique events there. When I was interning with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency I worked a booth at the Green Gifts Fair, which is hosted at the Market right before the holiday shopping season starts. - Lucy

I love going to the Mississippi River by St. Thomas. Beautiful spot any season of the year. - Ben

When I have time, and the weather allows, I love going to uptown and the lakes. It is fun to spend a day at the beach and then go for dinner or shopping in uptown. During winter, though, I like going to downtown Minneapolis, especially Nicollet mall. The skyways are really helpful during the cold Minnesotan winter! - Sara

The Mississippi River. There are great trails so you can run or bike along the river, and even take them up to Downtown Minneapolis! It's especially beautiful in the fall when the trees start to change color. - Joe