Saturday, October 25, 2014

Global Ambassadors Outreach

Hi! I am Lutfe-E-Noor Rahman from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am currently interested in bio-medical sciences and hope to major in a subject related to it. Besides offering excellent academic programs, Mac is a small community that values diversity, cultural differences and social justice and that is what drew me to Mac. Even before I stepped onto campus, International Students Program (ISP) mentors and staff have been helping me to make my transition into Mac a smooth one. I absolutely love my First Year Course called 'Bodies on Fire' and the professor who also happens to be my academic advisor. I am very excited to be an assistant ambassador for the Global Ambassadors Program at Mac. It will hopefully allow me to reach out to other international students and help them figure out how Mac could be perfect for the college experience they want!

Hello! My name is Eva Grutzner and I am a junior at Macalester from Madison, Wisconsin in the USA. I am studying Political Science, German, and Education. When I’m not studying, I busy myself with co-leading a student organization, Europa, spending time with my friends, working at the Twin Cities German Immersion School’s afterschool program, watching Packer football games, and working at the Global Ambassadors Program on campus. I was drawn to the Global Ambassadors position because it really exemplified my two favorite core pillars of Macalester’s academic mission—Internationalism and Multiculturalism. Global Ambassadors seeks to connect international alumni and current international students or students with significant international experience (like myself!) with prospective international students. We are run through the Admissions department, but we are, essentially, a tool prospective students could use in order to get more information about Macalester. We work to set up alumni interviews for international students who are unable to have an interview with a Mac Admissions officer. We field questions from the students about life and academics here at Mac and oftentimes pass them on to current Macalester students from the same countries as the prospective students. We also create social media outputs such as this one! I think the most essential part of our job, however, is just simply sharing our love for Mac and trying to convey that to prospective students. 

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