Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Lealtad-Suzuki Center: Xpressions: Self Image Gallery Project

The Self Image Gallery Project by the Department of Multicultural Life’s Xpressions program was intended to emphasize the importance of recognizing the beauty of all identities and capturing the art of self expression in the community.

The images, photographs, and videos were submitted by people around campus, with the option of remaining anonymous. We were hoping to allow students and the community to share their expressive art pieces in a variety of forms. We received several exceptional art mediums such as a self portrait collage and a self shot/self expression video. Since we got fewer submissions that intended, we also gave the community a different opportunity to express how they see themselves and how they want others to see them.  

As part of the display in the atrium space on the second floor of the Campus Center, we put up a blank canvas where people can draw or write their responses to the prompts, “how do you see yourself?” And “how do you want others to see you?” The display ran until the 31st of October. 

By Grace Zhu ‘16, Amy McMeeking ’16 , and Errol Phalo ‘17
Lealtad-Suzuki Center’s Program Assistants

Established in August 2002, the LSC is the programmatic arm of the Department of Multicultural Life (DML).   The LSC provides a range of services, including intentional multicultural education and campus programming; ongoing training and development opportunities for faculty, staff, and students; and personal consultations to discuss issues of identity exploration and cross-cultural communication.
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