Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Favorite Class from the Fall Semester

I really enjoyed my GIS and Community Partnerships class this fall. We spent the entire semester working with a nonprofit organization to create maps and analyze data for them using GIS (a mapping and data analysis software). At the end of the semester, we presented our findings and offered recommendations to the organization. It was one of the most fulfilling classes I've taken so far!

Joe ‘16

This semester, my first at Mac, I took Intro to African American Studies with Professor Duchess Harris. Professor Harris edited her syllabus just a few weeks before classes started so that our final paper topic was "Is Ferguson a human rights issue?" She made sure we were able to connect the theories and approaches of great African American leaders, as well as American notions of blackness, to the events happening in Ferguson, MO and around the country--she sent us links to articles and other current information almost every day. I learned so much about the complexities of race in America, and because of that course, continue to learn every day.

M. L. ‘18

I really enjoyed my art course, 2D Design.  It took up a lot of time, but the professor was great at giving tips while letting everybody design for themselves.  It resulted in a lot of fantastic projects, each coming from very different sources and drawing on different ideas.

Ian '16

I really enjoyed my Screenwriting class. I thought it would be hard to balance reading and analyzing professional works with workshopping the work of my peers, but it worked out great. I read some really neat student-written screenplays that I hope to see turned into feature-length films one day!

Angela ‘15

The class that I enjoyed the most was my first-year course - CHEM 111 General Chemistry I. We not only had so much fun in lab, and had a wonderful professor who inspires us all and is always willing to give extra help, but also shared many great moments outside of the classroom together! I especially love the fact that my first-year-course classmates are also my floormates. While not discussing and working on chemistry problems, we go to Cafe Mac together, or just simply sit in Turck 3 Lounge, enjoying each other's company, and having a great talk about literally anything in life.

Hoang Anh '18