Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My Thanksgiving in the Minnesota

In my six years in the U.S. I have experienced many different Thanksgivings, from eating pizza to celebrating with a vegan meal. Coming from Spain, where we do not have Thanksgiving, I was excited to experience a “real” Thanksgiving with turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and lots of pecan and pumpkin pie. This year I got to have just such a Thanksgiving, as I celebrated this special day with a family in Northfield.

Although Erin, our host and master chef, had baked the cakes the day before and prepared all the ingredients and set the table, the cooking didn’t really begin until Thanksgiving Day, really early in the morning.

Erin woke up at 6 a.m. to put the turkey in the oven. We were planning to eat around noon, so she had to start cooking very early. Family members arrived at the house at 10 a.m. for a light breakfast before the big meal.
Eleanor, the youngest in the family, is always the queen of the party. She loves playing around, so we had some fun together. She wanted to take a “night-night nap” with her cousin Cristian, and she found a way to make it dark by hiding under the covers. While the food was being prepared, we also had time to paint her nails.

Little by little, the dishes started to come out, and everybody was getting really excited. All the food looked delicious. 

Cranberry sauce!

Fresh rolls!

Aunt Laura’s whipped cream salad (apple bites, snickers and whipped cream)!!

Chef Erin also prepared the sweet potatoes!

Finally, after six hours in the oven, the turkey was almost ready—19 pounds of it! Grandma Susie was in charge of making the gravy, while Uncle John was asked to carve the turkey.

When all the food was ready, we took a picture of Chef Erin. Everything was so good that we all ate too much, and some of us—like Jay—had to take naps.

Given that we had all gathered for the holiday, we decided to take some time to put up the Christmas tree, too.

I had such an amazing time spending Thanksgiving with this wonderful family.
Thank you, Casey and Erin, for being the best hosts. I am so thankful for this family.

Happy Holidays! - Sara '15

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