Wednesday, April 22, 2015

An(other) Story Circle: Grappling with Heterosexism

On March 10th, students and staff gathered at the Cultural House to attend this semester's An(other) Story Circle: Grappling with Heterosexism. A four person panel comprised of students and staff spoke to how they have reconciled manifestations of heterosexism with their personal identities. In other words, the panelists spoke to how heteronormativity and homophobia has influenced their upbringing and how they have established strategies to maneuver a world that is institutionally oppressive. Although the panel was diverse in sexual orientations, the panelists touched upon a few similar concepts and frustrations. All spoke about how they demonstrate their sexuality and chosen gender with the power of a haircut and a few changes of clothing choice. Perhaps most importantly was the idea that identity can largely be defined externally and then internalized due to perceptions based on what is considered the "norm." Highlighting the stories of the "otherness" is crucial for all in our efforts to intentionally create the inclusive community. 

By Elise Ong ‘16, Emily Walls ‘16, and Keri  Ann Yatogo ‘16,
C-House Program Assistants

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