Monday, June 22, 2015

Meet the Summer Global Ambassadors Program (GAP) Coordinator!

Hi! My name is Sana and I am currently a rising senior at Macalester. I am excited to serve as your Global Ambassadors Program (GAP) Coordinator this summer!

Me with friends during Macalester's annual Holi celebration.
Me with friends during our Fall Break trip to Chicago
I am from Kolkata, India and I know from personal experience the anxiety international students and their families often feel when choosing a college so far from home. You undoubtedly have many questions about the academic opportunities and the community at each of the colleges you are considering. It is usually impossible for international prospective students to travel thousands of miles in order to tour college campuses or have an in-person interviews with admissions officers. This makes it particularly challenging to determine how well you would fit in at each school. I decided to serve as the Global Ambassadors Program Coordinator this summer so that I could be a resource to international prospective students who are researching Macalester College.  

Me with my Lives of Commitment (LoC) small group on a beautiful fall day
I love Macalester because of the tight-knit community I have found here. I have received constant support from all of the faculty I have worked with and I have utilized brilliant research opportunities as a Biology major. I have become friends with classmates from so many different cultures and I have attended numerous and varied social events on campus. Macalester has not simply been a preparation for my professional life. It has been a preparation for my life-long journey of learning — exhilarating and surprising, rewarding and vast.

Me with my RA staff and RHDs this past fall.
Me with my friends at my off-campus house. We made pancakes for breakfast!
Me with friends during a radio show on-campus.

Over the next few months I will be sharing with you more specific experiences I have had as a Macalester student. I may also be able to connect you with other current Macalester students who come from your country and/or majoring in an academic field you are interested in. I will also be working on expanding our network of international alumni so that at some point you might be able to get their perspectives on their careers at Macalester. If you have not done so already, I encourage you to take a moment encourage you to tell us a little bit about yourself by completing a shore form . You will see that this form provides you with an opportunity to ask us some questions – we will do our best to reply to your questions promptly and completely.

Sana Naz