Friday, June 26, 2015

#SummerOrangeCrew Goes to Midtown Global Market

Last night, the #SummerOrangeCrew piled into two cars (well, Dan biked) and headed to Midtown Global Market. Delicious food, handmade jewelry, fresh produce, local artists’ work - we had an amazing evening and still barely scratched the surface of this Minneapolis gem!

As college students, we were particularly focused on the food. Our favorite vendors were Los Ocampo, Pham’s Deli, and Holy Land (any falafel lovers out there?), although we were also tempted by Jakeeno’s cheeses and Safari Express sambusas. Next time. 

Morgan + green tea slushie = a brain-freeze-induced flashback to studying abroad in Kyoto, Japan.
Dessert was the toughest choice of all. A few of us sampled Swedish truffles from Café Finspång while others chose refreshing bubble tea from Pham’s. 

We left with full stomachs... and so much more! But actually, though - Morgan bought a new magnet for her fridge, Lisa picked up Moroccan seasoned olives, and everyone went home with another beautiful summer memory.
Hopefully you get a chance to experience Midtown Global Market for yourself some time. (And if you happen to have an extra 9 seats in your car, know that the #SummerOrangeCrew would love to go with you!)
Morgan Hearne '16
Lisa Hu '15
Angela Clem '15