Tuesday, July 28, 2015

#SummerOrangeCrew Explores the Great Food on Grand Avenue

One of the perks of being a Macalester student is having access to a plethora of restaurants and cafes on Grand Avenue. There are so many options to choose from within just two blocks of campus. The #SummerOrangeCrew decided to have a picnic lunch with food from a variety of places nearby. This is not an exhaustive list but it will definitely give you an idea of what Grand Ave has to offer to you as Mac student.


Eloise and Zane sampling the options

I got lunch from the Saint Paul Cheese Shop, just a walk across the street on the corner of campus! I had the t-chut sandwich, which has brie, turkey, and cranberry chutney, and rose lemonade. The Cheese Shop is really cool because it has a huge variety of cheeses to choose from, as well as sandwiches and melts that you can buy for lunch or dinner. The t-chut is my personal favorite and (in my opinion) a classic! - Zane

I decided to get my lunch at The St. Paul Cheese Shop too. They also sell a variety of sandwiches and melts and even offer a student discount if you show your ID. I ordered a mozzarella and tomato melt and a bag of potato chips to go with it. It also comes with a shot of delicious tomato soup. The whole meal only cost me ten dollars and it’s easily my favorite lunch option within walking distance of campus! - Connor


Pad Thai is a Grand Avenue staple (as evidenced by the fact that three of us chose it for lunch). For me, ordering my meal is an exact science: chicken pad thai (no onions) with medium spice and a side of their peanut-y satay sauce. The dish also comes with a side of peanuts for texture, and a couple slices of lime for zing. SO good. Plus, the lunch special is a huge amount of food for a relatively low price. I was stuffed halfway through... so now I get a tasty lunch tomorrow, too! - Angela
Another ‘grand’ lunch meal (and deal!) along Grand Avenue: Pad Thai’s Pra Ram Rong Song, a dish of steamed spinach, broccoli, and carrots with traditional coconut and peanut sauce. I’m a big fan of their #513 (an ammmazing eggplant and tofu dish), so when I saw that it wasn’t on their lunch menu I was a little apprehensive… I’m pleased to say, however, that I’ve found another favorite thanks to our #SummerOrangeCrew picnic! - Mo

Thai cuisine has always held a special place in my heart, yet I somehow managed to go through three full years as a Mac student without ever eating at Pad Thai on Grand Avenue. WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING WITH MY LIFE?! The chicken green curry that I devoured during our picnic lunch was so good that I can’t believe it took me this long to enjoy the food that Pad Thai has to offer. I will definitely be going back many times over the next year to make up for all the spicy curries that I have neglected until now. - Ben


As a Chicago boy, I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to pizza. Luckily the Italian Pie Shoppe, located mere steps from the corner of campus, does a whole lot of justice to my hometown favorite: deep dish! Today for the picnic I decided to go with their specialty spinach pizza, complete with fresh diced tomatoes, Italian sausage, and of course a lot of melted mozzarella beneath that thick layer of sauce. I always look forward immensely to my meals at the Pie Shoppe, knowing that each time I’ll come away satisfied after enjoying a little slice of back home. Pun absolutely intended. - Dan


The St. Paul Meat Shop is already a favorite spot for many Mac students to grab a bite to eat, so when word came out that the owner was going to be opening a Meat Shop just a block down Grand Ave., there was a lot of excitement around campus. This week I finally got the chance to try it out, and let me tell you, it lived up to my expectations. It was a tough decision but I chose to get the turkey club sandwich with tomato-bacon jam and greens, and it did not disappoint. Suddenly deciding where to go for a sandwich just got a lot harder! Also, you can show your Macalester Student ID at the Cheese Shop and the Meat Shop to receive $1 off your order! - Atticus


My lunch was from Shish, a Mediterranean restaurant that has tons of delicious vegetarian and vegan options. I got the Falafel burger, a house-made and tasty piece of falafel sandwiched between tomatoes, slices of avocado, aioli, and a toasted bun. It was the first meal I got at Grand Avenue my first year, and the same dish I’ve had on each of my birthdays as well. Yum yum yum yum yum! - Eloise

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