Monday, July 6, 2015

#SummerOrangeCrew Goes to Midway Pro Bowl


Last Thursday, the #SummerOrangeCrew started off the holiday weekend in style with a little bowling. This outing had the added bonus of being our closest yet, as Midway Pro Bowl lies on University Avenue, just over a mile from campus!

Picking silly names for everyone on the scoreboard...Le Condor, Merci Beaucoup, and AnnieBananie, and Atticus Finch-Kleen
With all nine of us present, we quickly rented out two lanes and shoes for the evening, grabbed balls, and set to work showing off our bowling prowess.

Like many businesses in the neighborhood and around the Cities, Midway has a special deal for college students, offering two games for the price of one every Wednesday and Thursday night. Taking full advantage, we rolled four games apiece, dropping pins to our hearts’ content for over three hours (with a snack break, of course!).

Ben showcasing impeccable bowling form
While we were waiting our turn to bowl, we were usually dancing, as Midway’s sound system cycled through a variety of tracks – from Stevie Wonder to Daft Punk – all night long.

We all enjoyed our great night out at Midway Pro Bowl and hope to be back soon. Stay tuned for more #SummerOrangeCrew outings in the coming weeks!

Dan K. ‘17