Friday, September 11, 2015

Meet the 2015-16 Tour Guide Coordinators!

Around 50 Mac students volunteer to be tour guides for the over 400 tours offered each year (check out the calendar). The following 5 Tour Guide Coordinators are responsible for scheduling and training our guides for the 2015-16 academic year. Requirements for the job include expert walking backwards skills, profound passion for color coordinating Google docs and a love for Mac!

Sudbury, MA

Orgs/sports: Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team, Musical Theater Org

Something about yourself
My birthday is on Leap Day, so it only comes every four years… and 2016 happens to be a Leap Year!!

Best part about being a Tour Guide Coordinator Meeting people from all different classes and being part of the Admissions community.

Chicago, IL

Orgs/sports: Varsity Baseball, Club Volleyball, NÜDL Host, Food Columnist for the Mac Weekly, Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Something about yourself
I have two loves - baseball and biking - and the Twin Cities have absolutely spoiled me on both. On a somewhat connected note, I currently have 31 ½ real teeth! Can you guess which one is half fake? :D

Best part about being a Tour Guide Coordinator We get to interact every day with all sorts of folks representing the next generation of Mac students! Plus Lucy sometimes buys us ice cream.

New York, NY 

Co-chair of Macalester Investment Group

Something about yourself I play the bagpipes because my love for Macalester is out of control.

Best part about being a Tour Guide Coordinator Getting to train all the fledgling tour guides and turn them into beautiful
soaring guides.

Madison, WI
Economics & Geography

Orgs/sports Varsity Cross Country and Track, intramural Ultimate Frisbee, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Co-Chair of Macalester Democrats

Something about yourself  
Crossword puzzles are my true love. I can complete up to a Friday New York Times puzzle but have never (yet!) finished a Saturday puzzle, which is the hardest.

Best part about being a Tour Guide Coordinator The other wonderful people who work in Admissions! And a chance to influence the next generation at Macalester.

St. Louis, MO
Computer Science
Macalester Democrats, Club Volleyball
Something about yourself
I’ve been a vegetarian since the day I was born. I’ve never eaten a piece of meat in my life.

Best part about being a Tour Guide Coordinator During my first week of work as a coordinator, I had two first-year students come up to me and tell me that I had been their tour guide when they visited Mac. They also said that they also wanted to become tour guides here because of that. It was one of the most rewarding moments I’ve had here at Mac.