Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Meet the 2015-16 Global Ambassadors

Meet the 2015-16 Macalester Global Ambassadors! The Global Ambassadors program provides a uniquely personal lens through which to see the college. Current students and alumni serve as resources for prospective students around the world who wish to learn more about academic opportunities and community life at the college. 

Alizee Vignon ’16
Pino Torinese, Italy

I am originally from France, but I grew up in Italy, moving around a lot for my parents’ work. I am an International Studies major with a Political Science and Portuguese double minor, and a Human Rights and Humanitarianism concentration. In addition to being a Global Ambassadors Coordinator, I am one of the co-chairs of Europa, the European cultural organization on campus. I also work off-campus as a Model United Nations trainer for middle- and high-schoolers, and as a classroom assistant in a Preschool. I chose Mac because I had no idea what I wanted to do when I finished high-school, and I knew that a liberal arts college like Macalester would enable me to explore my options before committing to a certain major. I was also attracted to the large amount of international students, small class sizes, and the many student organizations that exist at Macalester.

Nuoya Wu (Nora) ’17
Wuhan, China

I was born and raised in Wuhan, China, and spent my last two years of high school in Norway. I am majoring in Educational Studies, Applied Mathematics and Statistics and Economics. I have been involved in the Global Ambassadors Programs since my first year at Mac. I also co-founded an organization called “Aware-Asia” to promote social, economic and political awareness about the Asian region. I have led workshops for the last two International Roundtables. I am also interested in photography, singing and dancing, and have performed in cultural shows on campus in the past two years. Together with Alizee, I also work as a MUN trainer for United Nations Association in Minnesota. I chose Mac because I wanted to have a liberal art education but in an urban setting. I want to have a supportive environment as well as academic rigor. Mac’s focus on Internationalism and Multiculturalism also makes it easier for me to build up relationship and communities here.

Lutfe-E-Noor Rahman ’18
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Before I Macalester, I attended the United World College Costa Rica. I am currently interested in biomedical sciences and hope to major in a subject related to it. Besides offering excellent academic programs, Mac is a small community that values diversity, cultural differences and social justice and that is what drew me to Mac. Even before I stepped onto campus, International Students Program (ISP) mentors and staff have been helping me to make my transition into Mac a smooth one. I absolutely love my First Year Course called 'Bodies on Fire' and the professor who also happens to be my academic advisor. I am very excited to be an assistant ambassador for the Global Ambassadors Program at Mac. It will hopefully allow me to reach out to other international students and help them figure out how Mac could be perfect for the college experience they want!

Tina Esmail ’19
Copenhagen, Denmark

I was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark, but spent my two previous years in The Netherlands, where I studied IB at United World College Maastricht. As a new-coming first year I have yet to decide what I want to major in (perks of Liberal arts). However, I have no doubts that it would be in the natural sciences. I am the newest member of the Global Ambassador program, and I also work at the admission office. I am slowly transitioning into the Macalester environment, and spend time exploring different clubs and organizations. I am looking forward to becoming a first aid responder at Macalester, and enjoy spending my time swimming and dancing Salsa. I chose to enroll at Macalester, because I wanted to go to a small liberal arts school in an urban environment. I was very intrigued by Macalester’s focus on internationalism, because as an international student, I wanted to ensure that I wouldn’t feel alienated in any way, and I surely didn’t. More importantly, Mac would give me the chance to grow intellectually due to its academic rigor, but still allow me to engage in a broader community.

Jonathan van Arneman ’16
Philipsburg, St Martin

I’m originally from the US Virgin Islands but I grew up on the beautiful island of St Martin, where my family still resides. On coming to Macalester (via UWC Pearson in Canada), I knew I wanted to major in Economics and surprisingly I’ve stuck with it the entire 4 years. Within that time frame, I also picked up a Latin American studies minor and an International Development Concentration; all of which have contributed tremendously to the way I see the world. Outside of Academics, I’m apart of Mac Christian Fellowship (MCF), Macalester’s Hip Hop Dance group (Bodacious), and the Caribbean Student Association as well as the Global Ambassador Coordinators team. Joining orgs on campus is a great way to make lifelong bonds with people you otherwise may never have interacted with and I’ve met some amazing people as a result. Coming to Macalester was a complete risk as I knew (almost) nothing about the school before I arrived and could only rely on what the people I knew here had told me. That being said, it turned out for the better because it’s actually a great place to be and I can’t imagine a better way of spending the last 4 years of my life.