Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Faces at Mac: Admissions Office Edition V2

 The Admission Office has just finished the Early Decision I round. Later this week, we will welcome the EDI admits to the Mac community. Go #mac2020!

There are more Admissions staff members to meet! Check out our first installation of Faces at Mac: Admissions Office Edition V2.

Manager of Enrollment Systems
I oversee the systems for admissions and financial aid -- so everything technology related.
Fun Fact: I play the trombone in a local band and enjoy snowboarding!


Associate Director of Admissions
I work with students from Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, Michigan, and a few Minneapolis schools. I work with our 450-500 alumni admissions volunteers who do interviews and represent Macalester at some college fairs. I work with my colleague Jane to arrange alumni interviews when students request them. Also, I work with transfer students through their application process.
Fun Fact: My favorite hobby is photography, and I do that as much as I can. My favorite subject is my three-year-old son!

Associate Director of Admissions

As one of the Admissions staff who've been around the longest I've had a chance to do lots of different jobs within the office, but probably my favorite has been working with our Senior Admissions Interns.  Their devotion to the College and to the prospective students they work with is awesome, and their passion for their academic pursuits and the activities they are involved inspires me.  I'm originally from the Chicago area, so it's wonderful to return there every year as part of my travel territory; terrible traffic, great restaurants!  I also get to visit schools in St Paul and the surrounding suburbs that I love.

Fun Fact: I decided to embrace the Minnesota life and went dogsledding a few years ago.  It was the best time -- that is after we fell out of the sled, chased down the dogs, got everything hooked up again and got back on the trail!

International Admissions Assistant
I assist International Admissions Director, Steve Colee, with international applications. Fun Fact: I race sailboats and love to sail on the St. Croix River.


Assistant Director of Admissions
In the admissions office, I work with students from the Pacific Northwest and international students. I picked up an affinity for numbers, so I’m the office geek. I don’t actually work with any student workers because I just sit in my office working on numbers all day. Also, I run our student search, so I’m the one who thought you might be interested in receiving information from Mac. Fun Fact: I’m a huge soccer fan and supporter of the local Twin Cities team. Also, I did sketch comedy in college!

Executive Assistant to the Dean of Admissions

I’m the executive assistant to the Dean of Admissions.
Fun Fact: I am the keeper of the candy bowl in admissions!


Director of Admissions
I am the person who supervises and works with the entire counseling staff. I direct the recruitment and selection process and other duties as assigned.
Fun Fact: I enjoy reading and successfully finished the Dark Tower series by Stephen King.

Data Entry
When you submit a cred for your app (that's Admissions speak for credential and application), I process and make sure it gets in your record.  Or if you have visited a college fair and said you were interested in Mac, I process your information card. 
Fun Fact: When not at Mac, I'm on my bike riding on one of the billions of cool trails in the Twin Cities.

Assistant Dean of Admissions
I take blank pieces of paper and make publications and other stuff.
Fun Fact: When I graduated from Macalester I taught school in Tehran, before the revolution. What will your adventure be?


Assistant Director of Admissions
I work with US students from Iowa, Nebraska, and St. Louis and international students. I create and send all of the emails to prospective students (please read them!). I work with Nancy Mackenzie on communications projects and oversee all admissions social media.
Fun Fact: My favorite place in Minnesota is the North Shore.