Tuesday, January 19, 2016

#WinterOrangeCrew: Igloos

Season’s greetings from the #WinterOrangeCrew! We are a small group of Macalester students united by one mission: to bring you a snapshot of how to beat the cold and have a blast in the midst of Minnesota’s deep freeze. Keep checking the blog and our Instagram (@macalesterorange) over the next few weeks and follow our excursions to a variety of events, both on campus and throughout the Twin Cities.

This week, we decided to start our adventures right here on campus and take advantage of a classic Macalester tradition: the winter igloos!

Clockwise: Dan, Ben, Rebecca, Mo, and Max
Every year, students are greeted by these festive hangouts when they return from winter holidays. They are hand-crafted and built to last. Most of them remain on our lawns in the Spring long after the snow around them has melted.

Although the igloos themselves are a Macalester staple, the team of artists typically rotates from one year to the next. When I was a first-year, a Class of 2016 student built a monstrous four-foot tall cave all by himself, right in the middle of the residential quad. This year’s iterations are more modest, built by the budding architects at Laura Jeffrey Academy, the middle school on the corner of campus. But what they lack in size, they certainly make up for in number and atmosphere. The kids built a small village of them on Old Main Lawn, embellished with decorative twigs and pine cones, a huge snowball door, and even a driveway.

We had a whole bunch of fun with our first event and are very much looking forward to our next adventure in the Cities. Catch all the excitement of the #WinterOrangeCrew right here on The Orange blog, we’ll keep you posted! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go nap in my new favorite residence hall.

Dan K. ‘17
Chicago, IL